No public transport to be used to get to the studios, or home from the studio in the event that a session is more than one day in length. Clients to cover cab charges for engineers / assistants to and from the studio.

If clients are feeling unwell on the day of the session or are exhibiting any signs associated with Covid 19 they should not attend the session and contact us immediately.

Reception and communal areas to be marked at 2m intervals to encourage social distancing. Corridors to be clearly marked to state that only one person should use them at a time.

Hand sanitising points will be set up in reception areas and in studio control rooms with clear signage encouraging their use upon entry and exit. Hand sanitiser and hand soap to be readily available at all times in bathrooms.

Kitchen facilities only to be used by staff and clearly marked as such. Clients to bring their own food and water where possible. Signage reminding staff to wipe down kitchen touch points (i.e. kettle handles/coffee machines) to be clearly displayed and antibacterial spray provided to do this.

Where there are multiple studios in one building, a separate toilet / bathroom to be allocated to each studio and clearly signposted.

Session start times to be staggered where possible and where there are multiple studios in the same building.

In the event of clients not adhering to the guidelines the session will be stopped and they will be asked to leave the building. In this event the session costs will be non-refundable.

Clients to limit the number of people attending sessions to the absolute minimum in order to streamline the number of people passing through the studios. All attendees names and contact details to be provided before the session. Only those on the booking form will be allowed access to the building. Non-essential parties to join via Skype/Zoom.

All staff will be briefed thoroughly on hygiene and cleanliness and the increased need to uphold this throughout the studios and in communal areas. Engineers and assistants to commit to washing their hands at regular intervals, particularly when entering, or re-entering buildings.

‘Deep clean’ intensive cleaning organised with cleaning partners with a focus on anti-bacterial coverage on all touchpoints.

Alcohol wipes to be available in communal areas and in studios for wiping down of touchpoints/door handles/light switches before use and at regular intervals. Clients encouraged to bring their own keyboard/mouse to use in the studio if preferred.

Assistants/engineers who are asked to do food runs by clients should not handle cash – payments should be made by card only.

All staff members to adhere to the government guidelines of self-isolating if they are experiencing a fever or cough, and to inform us immediately if this occurs. Any artist or client displaying symptoms to refrain from visiting the studio.